Welcome to the official Overcast7 Website.

Overcast7 is the latest jailbreak tool for all iDevices including the latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.This software is based on an exploit which is found by our the team security experts who work on Apple, and handed them to our dev jailbreak team to do the rest of the process. Overcast7 supports the latest iOS 7.0.3 and 7.0.2 Untethered Jailbreaks. Overcast7 estabilished a few months ago after evasi0n team had troubles jailbreaking the ios 6.1.3.They saw this as an opportunity to get into the jailbreak community stronger than anyone before.Each team member has been chosen carefully and the team finally assembled together to create the amazing brand called overcast7. Overcast as a meaning is a weather condition just like the other sn0w and ra1n jailbreak tools.Overcast7 is being downloaded by 5000 users daily for free and every single one of them is happy and never had any major problem bricking their iDevices.But any customer who is not happy with the jailbreak can contact us at the form.One of the main advantages of overcast7 is that after you jailbreak your Device the process can be reverted back in case you change your mind or you do not like it.But we strongly suggest you perform a full back-up on icloud or in your Personal Computer just in case something wrong happens even though it is highly unlikely. Because this is a process that modifies the internal file system of your iDevice and it is prudent to errors. Until today there are more than 1 million Apple Devices jailbroken with the overcast7 tool and they seem to increase daily with the latest versions which are ios 7.0.3 and ios 7.0.2